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Mining in Chile

pushfluids.comThe two sides of the coin of workers
Much controversy has been generated after it was known that La Escondida bonus offer as the end of conflict to their workers the sum of 23 million pesos, as it compares the situation to the precariousness of wages in the vast majority of Chileans and these expressed great concern about the future of the mining industry by high salaries speculation in this sector.

These arguments are absurd as the president of the Committee for the Defense of Copper, Julian Alcayaga, since the larger mining companies only spend 6% of their income on paying their employees and therefore they offer solutions through collective bargaining with In order to avoid conflicts next.

The hidden has chosen to advance its process and approved the proposal, avoiding the negotiation would be agreed for the month of July and immediately establishes a collective contract for 4 years.

The union president explained that the controversy over the amount of 23 million only pay once and it would not mean a real wage improvement in their income received monthly, as these are lower than what people have as an idea.

This leader also stressed: “the conflict term bonus for us is not the main thing, nor is it for workers because it is a one-time payment for a period of four years, for us we have to rescue from this new proposal and what we demand of the company is to improve workers’ monthly income. Minera Escondida not pay the best salaries in the mining industry, as people think. However, these salaries are enhanced by our bond variables, the production bonus and bonus management, that is what really says worker’s salary. “

Exploration and Production of Mineral Deposits That Could Contain Gold and Copper

exploration and production of mineral deposits that could contain gold and copperAfghanistan Ministry of Mines has set up an auction to award concessions for exploration and production of four concessions that may contain mineral deposits of gold and copper.

The biggest concession is located in the province of Badakhshan in northern Afghanistan, consists of four areas of 250 square kilometers, as shown by the Afghan government might contain gold.

Two other deposits, north and west, which contain copper and four sites in the central province of Ghazi, a mixture of gold and copper, the ministry said in a statement.

The document does not specify a closing date of the auction. Since 1960 and 1970 has developed a small exploration work on the deposits.

The Afghan government relies heavily on the exploitation of mineral reserves, worth about $ 3 billion to boost the economy, which has been severely affected by decades of conflict.

However, analysts said the domestic investment interest will be limited by ongoing violence, which the UN is the worst since the US-led forces toppled the Taliban regime a decade ago.

“Afghanistan’s mineral resources have the potential to transform the nation’s economy,” said Minister of Mines Wahidullah Sahrawi said in a statement.

The government awarded a consortium of mining companies and steels in India, led by Steel Authority of India, the right to develop a large iron ore concession in Hajigak, in central Afghanistan last month.

Production and Consumption of Industrial Minerals and Rocks

Production and Consumption of Industrial Minerals and RocksAlthough the new economic measures, and the current economic crisis and the impact it is having on the production and consumption of industrial rocks and minerals (RMI), Spain remains a leading global producer of mineral resources, as is well mining to mine walk in absolute value only represents 0.3% of GDP.

Export companies in Spain put special attention because it is a mining country but often does not seem so.

The analyzed data provide the following resulatados about Spain:

  •     Second largest producer of Celestine
  •     The only European producer of sodium sulfate
  •     The second European producer of fluorite
  •     Europe’s largest producer of gypsum and
  •     The third of feldspar, with the largest reserves in the Old Continent feldspathic sand
  •     The third European producer of coal
  •     Currently oil is extracted in Burgos and Tarragona

The value of the production of energy minerals (coal, oil and gas) in 2009 was about 556 million Euros, 3% in 2008, and metallic minerals (copper, tin, iron, etc..) Was 290 million Euros. The projections for 2010 were 767 million Euros.

However, the Spanish mineral potential mainly depends on the extraction of industrial and precious metals, with high added value and that’s where your eyes have international firms.

The issue of occupancy is also drilling for several companies, including Canadian, Australian and European, which are drilled in Seville, Salamanca, Zamora, Asturias, Badajoz and Caceres in search of gold, copper, gold, tungsten or uranium. In addition, Cyprus and EMED Mining has standing to present the project of reopening the Rio Tinto mines (Huelva).

Indeed, the autonomous region is one of the most active in mine action, as also the possible opening of Rio Tinto, has launched three sites: the Water Stained (copper, zinc and silver) in Huelva, and Cobra Las Cruces (copper) in Seville, next to mine prospecting, La Zara, Huelva (copper, gold and zinc), under the insignia of Iberian Minerals, In met Mining and Ormond Mining, respectively.