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Exploration and Production of Mineral Deposits That Could Contain Gold and Copper

exploration and production of mineral deposits that could contain gold and copperAfghanistan Ministry of Mines has set up an auction to award concessions for exploration and production of four concessions that may contain mineral deposits of gold and copper.

The biggest concession is located in the province of Badakhshan in northern Afghanistan, consists of four areas of 250 square kilometers, as shown by the Afghan government might contain gold.

Two other deposits, north and west, which contain copper and four sites in the central province of Ghazi, a mixture of gold and copper, the ministry said in a statement.

The document does not specify a closing date of the auction. Since 1960 and 1970 has developed a small exploration work on the deposits.

The Afghan government relies heavily on the exploitation of mineral reserves, worth about $ 3 billion to boost the economy, which has been severely affected by decades of conflict.

However, analysts said the domestic investment interest will be limited by ongoing violence, which the UN is the worst since the US-led forces toppled the Taliban regime a decade ago.

“Afghanistan’s mineral resources have the potential to transform the nation’s economy,” said Minister of Mines Wahidullah Sahrawi said in a statement.

The government awarded a consortium of mining companies and steels in India, led by Steel Authority of India, the right to develop a large iron ore concession in Hajigak, in central Afghanistan last month.

Needed for Production Mining Deposits

Needed for Production Mining DepositsThe conditions necessary for production of quarry deposits
besides external factors of the skin and the coefficient of rock, it is necessary to consider the following production conditions (Crushers):

1. the deposits in the vicinity of the sub-transmission lines and the location of the branch. In this part of the quarry should be clarified by the possible routes from the product. By exploring the quarry, in any case, you must explain the evolution of road traffic in the period of a year, artificial constructs of state, the need for the construction of the new extension and measures to improve existing roads (Sales Crushers mobile).

2. The possibility of construction throughout the year, on the side of the river or in the vicinity of alluvial deposits, we must consider that if the mine is at risk when flood, this is particularly important.

3. The preparatory work before mineral deposits, the possibility of using local trees in the following construction. Read the rest of this entry »