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Exploration and Production of Mineral Deposits That Could Contain Gold and Copper

exploration and production of mineral deposits that could contain gold and copperAfghanistan Ministry of Mines has set up an auction to award concessions for exploration and production of four concessions that may contain mineral deposits of gold and copper.

The biggest concession is located in the province of Badakhshan in northern Afghanistan, consists of four areas of 250 square kilometers, as shown by the Afghan government might contain gold.

Two other deposits, north and west, which contain copper and four sites in the central province of Ghazi, a mixture of gold and copper, the ministry said in a statement.

The document does not specify a closing date of the auction. Since 1960 and 1970 has developed a small exploration work on the deposits.

The Afghan government relies heavily on the exploitation of mineral reserves, worth about $ 3 billion to boost the economy, which has been severely affected by decades of conflict.

However, analysts said the domestic investment interest will be limited by ongoing violence, which the UN is the worst since the US-led forces toppled the Taliban regime a decade ago.

“Afghanistan’s mineral resources have the potential to transform the nation’s economy,” said Minister of Mines Wahidullah Sahrawi said in a statement.

The government awarded a consortium of mining companies and steels in India, led by Steel Authority of India, the right to develop a large iron ore concession in Hajigak, in central Afghanistan last month.

Latin America, the main purpose of mineral exploration investment

Latin America, the main purpose of mineral exploration investmentHand in hand with the demand for commodities from emerging markets, Latin America remains the world’s leading destination for investment in mineral exploration in 2010 and an estimated total investment in projects in this segment of the region’s economic reach in the period 2009-2015 more than 250,000 million dollars.

Mining in Latin America noted that the investment boom has made this sector, with renewable energy and wind power, in one of the most attractive for foreign investors. The latest figures announced by Metals Economics Group (MEG) World Exploration Trends in its 2011 (see attached), indicates that the area, led by Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina, consolidated in 2010 as the goal of leadership in mineral exploration expenditure planned than other regions in the world have been able to win in two decades.

MEG report highlights that in 2010 there were 45% surge in investment in nonferrous mineral exploration, in response to rising metal prices and greater market stability. Thus, the amount of investment for mineral mining at 11,200 million dollars, a figure that rose to 12 100 million if the items are also contributing dedicated to finding uranium. Furthermore, “in 2010 gold is the ultimate goal of global exploration, with more than half the total budget, and the second copper,” reports Capital Madrid.

Five of the ten

Although Canada last year remained the largest destination as a place of exploration and mining investment, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina are among the top ten. Globally, a total of 2089 companies dedicated to candidates 11 680 million. These ten countries accounted for 69% of the total investment in the exploration and accumulation of the Latin America 27% (2.884 billion dollars). “In this region, investments will be concentrated (83%, 2.394 million) in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru,” said the portal.

According to figures from MEG, Mexico beat Peru in 2010 as a preferred destination for mineral exploration expenditure, standing fourth in the world and gets 22% of regional spending, primarily intended for the exploration of gold and silver. Andean countries, which fell from third to fifth, accounted for 20% of the investment. Chile moved from seventh to sixth place, with an investment of almost exclusively for copper. Brazil remains in ninth place in the world, with spending focused on nickel, copper, gold and industrial minerals. Argentina, with targeted investment gold, silver, lithium and potassium, moved to South Africa emerged as the most attractive location for mining tenth in the world. Colombia, without the typical department of mining investment, seen as it grew 65% last year. Read the rest of this entry »