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Mineral Production Focuses on Sources of Non-Energy Production

Mineral Production Focuses on Sources of Non-Energy ProductionIberia, Hesperia or Spain, the various names by which ancient Spain was known, was famous for its natural resources, particularly the abundance and variety of its mineral wealth. This attracted the attention of warring peoples, and thus Spain became a battleground for the armies of Carthage and Rome.

Even before this, the voyages of the Phoenicians to the “pillars of Hercules” (as known the Strait of Gibraltar) and beyond to the islands Casit√©ridas can be explained by the existence of silver in Cartagena (Murcia) and Sierra Moreno (Andalusia), bronze in Huelva (Andalusia) and gold and tin in Galicia. Even at the beginning of this century, Spain had some of the most important deposits of various minerals, and economic development in certain regions like the Basque Provinces and Asturias, was based on its mineral wealth.

Today the situation has changed, but, however, Spain remains one of the richest countries in Europe in mineral production.

At present, the mineral production in Spain is focusing on non-energy production sources. At the global level, taking into account only the value of metallic and nonmetallic minerals and mining, Spain ranks ninth internationally and first among the countries of the European Community.

If we add energy producing materials (coal, oil, gas and uranium) to this computer, Spain down to 38 tie in the world rankings. If we consider only energy products, Spain is in 40 the position. Thus, mining accounts for only 15% of Gross Domestic Product and employs only 85,000 people, distributed in 3,700 mining areas. Read the rest of this entry »