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Environmental Impact: Assessment

In view of the foregoing, the environmental impact of mining activity is the difference between the situation of the environment before carrying out the activity, and during or after mining. This impact assessment is to quantify these differences by conducting a multidisciplinary study that will seek to identify, predict and prevent the consequences or effects on the environment of mining.

An interesting point is that the impact study can be considered as a comparison between the actual situation of the area studied, and theoretical status of this area if it was not affected by mining activity.

The objectives of the environmental impact study would be:

1. Avoid possible errors caused environmental damage during the extraction process, which further correction could be costly, both in private perspective (costs transferable to companies) and from the social perspective (costs transferred to the Company).

2. Provide data to enter into business decisions the effects of development projects in the natural and social, always difficult to quantify and evaluate.

3. Provide integrated information on the impacts of our activity on the environment. Read the rest of this entry »