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Industry: In the last 8 years created 1.3 million new jobs

Industry In the last 8 years created 1.3 million new jobsHead area, Debora Giorgio, highlighted by a statement on Sunday that the work of industry and six consecutive quarters of increase of interannual increase since 2003, creating 1.3 million new jobs. It is expected that by 2020 would create an additional 1.5 million posts.

“We have the lowest unemployment rate in 20 years and this is a consequence of the industrialization process in Argentina began in 2003, where labor productivity grew by 50% and more than double the value added per worker in the industry to reach nearly $ 50,000 per year, “said Giorgio.

A final note, the third quarter of 2011 – marking the expansion of 3.3% over the same period in 2010 and accumulated an increase of 3.2%.

Meanwhile, hours worked increased by 3.8%, accumulating in this 8-year consecutive quarters upload.

“We make the industry stand Argentina and we have a clear strategy to continue to grow and develop our potential to lock in the industry as a tool to achieve social justice and creating more jobs for all of Argentina,” said Giorgio.

In that regard, he stressed that one of the goals outlined in the Strategic Industries Argentina 2020 is the creation of new industries 1.5 million jobs and reduce unemployment to 5%.

This sector generates more jobs will be construction, with input from the entire value chain from 600,000 jobs in order to reach one million workers by 2020.

This represents 40% of total industrial employment generation projected by the Plan in 2020. What parts of the automotive and auto, which will provide 300,000 new jobs in ten years and the textile sector, with 250,000 new jobs.

Meanwhile, the food industry is responsible for generating another 80,000 jobs, chemical and petrochemical sector will add 75,000, furniture and wood, 63 000, and software, 60,000, and medicine, 40,000, footwear, 12,000, the agricultural machinery, 12,000, and capital goods, 8000.