Mining in Chile

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Much controversy has been generated after it was known that La Escondida bonus offer as the end of conflict to their workers the sum of 23 million pesos, as it compares the situation to the precariousness of wages in the vast majority of Chileans and these expressed great concern about the future of the mining industry by high salaries speculation in this sector.

These arguments are absurd as the president of the Committee for the Defense of Copper, Julian Alcayaga, since the larger mining companies only spend 6% of their income on paying their employees and therefore they offer solutions through collective bargaining with In order to avoid conflicts next.

The hidden has chosen to advance its process and approved the proposal, avoiding the negotiation would be agreed for the month of July and immediately establishes a collective contract for 4 years.

The union president explained that the controversy over the amount of 23 million only pay once and it would not mean a real wage improvement in their income received monthly, as these are lower than what people have as an idea.

This leader also stressed: “the conflict term bonus for us is not the main thing, nor is it for workers because it is a one-time payment for a period of four years, for us we have to rescue from this new proposal and what we demand of the company is to improve workers’ monthly income. Minera Escondida not pay the best salaries in the mining industry, as people think. However, these salaries are enhanced by our bond variables, the production bonus and bonus management, that is what really says worker’s salary. “

Aren’t All PV Solar Panels the Same?

The decision to have PV solar panels installed at your home is a major decision. For many people, it is an investment and the decision as to what type of panels are chosen and who installs them should be made as carefully as any other investment. A careful decision will bring tax-free, inflation adjusted income in addition to free, environmentally-friendly electricity to the homeowner.

In the UK, there are literally hundreds of MCS certified companies that install all types of PV solar panels which qualify homeowners to join the feed-in tariff scheme. Most companies offer choices of PV solar panels with the differences in panels being related to their efficiency  and their looks.

PV solar panels are not all the same. The company performing the installation can determine what types of panels and what size system would be most beneficial, sticking within the homeowner’s budget needs. It is recommended that a person get at least three estimates before selecting an installer.¬† But remember, the cheapest PV solar panels are not always the best investment as they may not be as efficient. As many solar panels have not been on the market too long, it is hard to judge their lifetime. Homeowners who believe they may be selling their home in the next 20 years or so should also consider the look of the panels from the eyes of a potential buyer.