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Safety Tips In Mining According To Richard Fifer

Many people say that there is money in mining.  However, mining can be a very dangerous and risky business. Aside from the fact that it can cause negative reactions to the health of miners, mining can also put their life at risk. Nonetheless, companies and industries still pursue this kind of business due to mining’s high return of investment. According to a mining expert named Richard Fifer, there are a lot of things that workers or miners can do in order to protect themselves from the possible hazards that mining can cause. Richard Fifer is considered as the father of Panamanian mining and has been very famous for his works and contributions to the production of different minerals and land resources. This is the reason why Mr. Fifer is also very well aware of the various techniques and guidelines that miners should abide in order to reduce the risk mining accidents and catastrophes. Below are some of Richard Fifer’s selected guidelines in promoting safety in mining.

Richard Fifer stressed the importance of following the right policies, equipment, manuals and training in order to improve safety in the field of mining. It is necessary to use proper equipment and mining gears in order help protect the employees of a particular mining company. Mr. Fifer also concluded that the advent of technology has tremendously helped miners use effective tools that can extract minerals and resources without putting the lives of the workers at risk. Some of these tools and gears pointed out by Richard Fifer includes the hard hat, ventilation fans, forklifts and as well as the use of appropriate mining clothes or attire.

The use of a hard hat is very important in mining since it helps protect the miner’s head from any type of trauma or injury that could cause severe damage or could also be potentially fatal. This is actually considered as very basic equipment that every miner must carry or wear at all times while working on site. On the other hand, the use of ventilation fans is also classified as essential especially for mining sites that are located underground. These fans aid in the proper circulation of air especially in tight and enclosed spaces. Without these instruments, it is very likely for miners to have different kinds of lung problems and diseases. Forklifts are also very important since it helps miners transport large and heavy debris from one place to the other. The use of forklifts can prevent miners from having a hard time transporting large objects that could also cause back strains and body aches. Last but not the least, wearing of appropriate mining uniform can likewise protect the entire body from any type of mining hazards. These are just some of the tools and precautions miners must take seriously according to Richard Fifer.

Guarantee fund for new mining investment to face the possibility of environmental damage

Guarantee fund for new mining investment to face the possibility of environmental damageGovernment proposals to establish a guarantee fund for new mining investment to face the possibility of environmental damage would be a kind of “Seat environment,” to introduce the concept of solidarity in assuming the risks inherent in their activities.

The idea would be to cover unforeseen possibilities in the mine closure plan, or for any environmental liability sectors, such as those proposed by the executive director of the Peruvian Environmental Law Society (SPDA), Manuel Pulsar-Vidal.

He said the official newspaper El Peru no need to recognize that one of the basic principles in the development of human activity is solidarity. “It would be something like Traffic Accidents Compulsory Insurance (SOAT).”

“One of the major risks of driving a car is to have traffic accidents, and how to show solidarity with the victims is to provide insurance coverage. Therefore, all handlers are required to pay,” he said as an example.

He said that in the case of mining will look like this. “If we realize that an activity has a negative impact and we want to minimize, avoid or prevent them, it would be more appropriate to have the resources to reverse this situation.”

Pulsar Vidal noted that these funds should be handled with total transparency. “The constitution will go through the trust and management by an entity that cans public-private partnership,” he suggested.

He added that these resources should not go to the Treasury because it has a procedure that can be very tricky, because one purpose of the fund will be easy to implement.

“The idea is that the environmental problems of a quick solution can be implemented using the bottom,” he said.

Government intention to establish a contingency fund as an interesting concept but need more details of the proposal for a complete analysis and identify its impact on the sector, said President of the National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy (SNMPE), Carlos del Solar.

He stated that the best will request additional information from the authorities involved in this activity.

On the other hand, said he agreed with the message given by the President of the Republic, Lolita Humana, during the 5 the International Business Forum of China-Latin America, while emphasizing the need to stop exporting only raw materials (minerals) and passed to offer value-added products are more high.

However, he said that in the case of a large mining sector investment needed to take a big step. “We are on track to achieve, but it is a slow process.”

He stressed the need to attract new investment into the mining sector, which is required for stable and attractive conditions for investors.