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Can We Make Money by Investing in Gold Today?

Can We Make Money by Investing in Gold Today?When the world’s currencies fall, one of the metals used as a refuge of value is gold. Not for nothing, compared to the financial crisis by passing Spain and other countries, like Greece and the U.S., many investors are flushed to an investment that has historically been seen as a value in itself.

The price of gold is one of the values ??most often in this crisis plaguing the world’s most developed economies. The role of safe haven gold has led to metal prices reach record, the highest in history. In fact, the price of gold has reached USD 1917.90 per troy ounce on August 23, which has been the highest value of all time.

Now. Will the gold his climb up or we face a bubble in its value? Or what is a better question: Can we make money by investing in gold today? Gold has gained more than 35% in the year 2011, and over 60% in the last 12 months, so the question is very valid.

How to invest in gold?

The vast majority of brokers and brokers are responsible for providing the possibility of trading currencies and commodities worldwide. Among the possibilities to buy and invest in various investment instruments offered are gold. There are two ways to buy gold, depending on user preferences and scope of the operations of your broker. Read the rest of this entry »

Mineralization of High-Grade Gold and Silver Project In King of Iron

Mineralization of High-Grade Gold and Silver Project In King of IronArgus Metals announced today that Phase II of its recognition program, recently completed King Iron Project, located in the province of Lima, and reported samples up to 19.4 grams of gold and 300 grams of silver per ton.

The program consisted of the collection and analysis of 169 rock samples and identified four areas that host anomalous gold mineralization within a section of 12 square kilometers of the 120 square miles of the concession.

Argus Metals Chairman Michael Collins said that these results have demonstrated the presence of gold mineralization and high-grade silver in the Iron King project where the company has identified iron, tungsten and gold in the Phase I program recognition of the property.

She said she hopes to continue defining and expanding gold projections identified in the programs of the Phase I and II, and continue to explore systematically the territory of 120 square kilometers has the Iron King project.

The Phase II program was aimed at a section of 12 square kilometers Iron King Project in an area of 60 square kilometers and was designed to verify and extend the gold mineralization identified during Phase I of the recognition of the property. Read the rest of this entry »