Copper Mining

Copper Prices Traded at an Acceptable Level in The Short Term

copper prices traded at an acceptable level in the short termThe price of copper like other commodities and especially oil prices and the price of gold one can already estimate that will be affected by the consequences of the approval or disapproval of the U.S. debt ceiling, of which happens to the dollar as reference currency and the occasional tremor.

Yet the price of copper is trading at levels acceptable in the short term if we see markets as they move around.

By now the copper is in a slight correction once reached a strong resistance came to the ($ 9,695) a ton of copper and industry experts say its price matches the short-term trend so removing the uncertainty, the outlook is good.

One aspect to consider is also that it is closing below support; there is some difference in the MACD, being able to give rise falls reaching $ 9,465 a ton.

It is expected that the price of raw materials undergo substantial changes if the crisis and uncertainty hardening ceases to be such and becomes certainty.