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Debt Crisis That Affects The Price of Some Raw Materials, Including Wheat

debt crisis that affects the price of some raw materials, including wheatIf there are those situations in the market or the debt crisis and the more the climate that influences the price of some raw materials. For the price of wheat to which we must add the price of soybeans that Mays and moved strongly to beat the weather.

The volatility of prices of wheat, corn, and soybeans lived in the Chicago market suffered with developments on the weather, accompanied by doubts which were reflected in the commodity markets.

For now there is more concern about the crops of corn and soybeans from the U.S., Americans if we take into account who has spent a very wet spring that delayed plantings accordingly, and now suffers from warm and dry.

To all this price of wheat was limited by the over-harvesting on the world market, Russia has become sticking to export grain markets. As the Federation of Russian grain harvest have provided a reach of 58 million tons of wheat in 2011.

Even these figures are better than that provides USDA’s own Agriculture Department expected U.S. harvests of 53 million tons.

The markets for agricultural commodities showed tense to the news about the disagreement of the debt ceiling in addition to slowing growth.

Regarding prices, the bushel (35 liters) for delivery in September reached ($ 6.6550), compared to what happened a week ago when it hit a ceiling of (6.90 dollars) in the Chicago Board of Trade. While a bushel of wheat and maturing in September ($ 6.7250) decline, leaving behind his previous ($ 6.9225)