Classification of Environmental Impacts

The impact produced by mining from the environmental point of view can be classified in many different ways:

  • As a direct or indirect impact on the environment.
  • According to short or long term
  • As reversible or irreversible (human scale)
  • According to local or external
  • Avoid or inevitable

Moreover, according to environmental aspects that change can be

  • Actions that change the land use
  • Actions that involve the emission of pollutants (solids, liquids, gases and other: noise, air wave)
  • Actions that involve exploitation of resources (water)
  • Actions that involve the modification of the landscape (almost)
  • Actions that affect infrastructure
  • Actions that change the social, economic and cultural (economic impact).

Also, depending on when they occur, we can consider the impact during the installation phase, during the actual operation, and impact during the abandonment or cessation of the operation.

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